Alan Balmer earned a B.A. degree in Accounting at The University of Missouri-Columbia and a B.A. degree in Pastoral Ministries at Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. Balmer began his career as an Accountant & Auditor in the field of public accounting, has worked as a Human Resources Manager and is currently employed in the staffing/employment agency field. With decades of experience hiring and firing employees, Balmer decided to launch a book which is designed to give the tips and advice needed for finding employment and being the best employee possible.   That book will launch in mid-March 2017.  Balmer enjoys speaking to high school students in order to provide some of the information contained in that book. The objective in speaking with students is to help them understand what the expectations will be when they enter the workforce.

In addition to the book dedicated toward giving tips and advice to those seeking employment, Balmer has written a series of Christian devotional books. The concept of those devotional books is to take an obscure vocabulary word, match it up with a Bible passage that shares the description of the vocabulary word, and share an inspirational and challenging devotion that facilitates self-reflection. Those Christian devotional books are available on Amazon.

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